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Documents Required for your Residency in Spain

Important documentation that you might require in order to process your visa for...
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Digital Nomad Visa to Spain for Canadians

I will describe here my experience as a Canadian getting the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa to Spain. I...
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Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa to Spain

If you work remotely for a Company or an employer outside of Spain this visa could be a great...
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civil partnership

Civil partnership in Spain (Pareja de hecho)

If you have a partner in the Spain the best option would be to get married or constitute a civil...
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Family Arraigo visa to Spain por Canadians

1)What is the Arraigo familiar? 2)Main requirements 3) Process timeline 4) Required...
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image: Youth Mobility

Youth Mobility Visa to Spain

The Youth mobility visa, commonly known as Working Holiday Visa, is for people who wish to go on...
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Youth Mobility Visa to Spain for Canadians

This article breaks down getting the Youth Mobility Visa from Canada to Spain based on my...
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Image Criminal Records

Criminal Record for Spain

Depending on your situation whether it is for study, marriage, civil partnership, or for work, you...
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