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Visa for Spain

Reasons why you should move to Spain

Spain is one of the top countries in Europe to live in amongst Expats when it comes to finding a country with high standard of living, amazing weather, good food, and endless options and possibilities of entertainment and activities to do in the country. It is also the reason why it has attracted millions of expats to live and buy a property in the country. If you want to know more about the spanish livestyle you could read our Руководство по переезду и жизни в Испании


Residency in Spain

How to get Spanish residency as a non-EU citizen? Please read about the different options available in order to get residency …


Студенческая виза


Член семьи визы гражданина ЕС


Недоходная виза на жительство в Испанию


Деловая виза


Golden Visa (will be available soon)


Digtal Nomad Visa (will be available soon)


Required documents

Criminal Records for Spain

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