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Покупка в Испании

Every year, thousands of people from diverse nationalities decide to buy a home in Spain. Among the reasons we could very briefly mention the following: climate, culture, history, food, low prices, investment potential, tax deductions, high rental demand, excellent healthcare system.

If you are also interested in buying a home in spain, here are different articles that could help you taking the right desicions…

Первоначальное исследование при покупке дома в Испании

1) Decide which city in Spain you want to buy your home  2) Know the main real estate portals in Spain 3) Calculate the additional costs of the purchasing process 4) Determine the type and size of the home to buy 5)Determine the areas of the city you have the option to purchase  6) Understand […]

Использование Idealista: главный портал недвижимости Испании

  Are you interested in buying or renting a home in Spain? Below are two short videos on how to use Idealista, the main real estate portal in Spain… This short video will walk you through on how to save your search results and your customized filter settings. In addition to the above video you […]

Использование Idealista, главного портала недвижимости в Испании

Индекс аренды жилья в Испании, 2024 г.

Получение выписки из земельного кадастра Испании (Nota Simple)

Советы по разделению недвижимости в Испании

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