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Visa for Spain

Spain is one of the top countries in Europe to live in amongst Expats when it comes to finding a country with high standard of living, amazing weather, good food, and endless options and possibilities of entertainment and activities to do in the country. It is also the reason why it has attracted millions of expats to live and buy a property in the country. If you want to know more about the spanish livestyle you could read our Guide to Moving and Living in Spain


Residency in Spain

Visa options available for non-EU citizens…

Digital Nomad Visa to Spain

If you work remotely for a Company or an employer outside of Spain this visa could be a great option for you. Some of the enefics of getting this visa... Fast application procedure of  just 20 days Get the permanent residency after 5 years Favourable non-Resident Income Tax Regime: what means discounts on taxes and [...]

Youth Mobility Visa to Spain

The Youth mobility visa, commonly known as Working Holiday Visa, is for people who wish to go on holiday  to Spain with the possibility of working there in order to supplement their financial means. The conditions to benefit from this program in Spain are: – Be between 18 and 30 years old (up to 35 […]

Student visa to Spain 2024

Student Visa to Spain for CanadiansIn this article, I will share my experiences and the knowledge I gained in the process of applying the student visa in Canada and finalizing the student residency card after I arrived to Spain. I moved to Spain (Barcelona) to pursue a Masters degree in Design and have since then [...]

Family Arraigo visa to Spain

If you are a Non-EU citizen and are with a relative who has Spanish or EU citizenship, then you are entitled to get a 5-year residency card that allows you to live and work in Spain. After the 5 years are finished you could apply for permanent residency. There are three visas under exceptional circumstances: [...]

Business visa to Spain

   Regular business Visa: Create a normal business in Spain Entrepreneur visa: Create a innovative business in Spain Schengen business visa: Go to Spain for less than 3 months for business: meetings, training…  

Non-lucrative residence visa for Spain

 The visa is granted to non-EU citizens who would like to live in Spain for more than 6 months and not work or derive any income professional activities. Getting this visa is a great option if you plan to live in Spain and:… work with/in other countries (e.g: remote work). Working in Spain is […]

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