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Non-lucrative residence visa for Spain

The visa is granted to non-EU citizens who would like to live in Spain for more than 6 months and not work or derive any income professional activities.

Getting this visa is a great option if you plan to live in Spain and:…

    • work with/in other countries (e.g: remote work). Working in Spain is not allowed (at least for the first year)
    • live in Spain and still operate your business outside of Spain
    • retire in the country
    • invest in Spain
    • enroll in an educational center and study
    • do an internship in a company and be paid for it
    • travel in Europe (through the Schengen territory) without any problem
    • you can also apply in order to get the residence for your spouse and children.


  • Passport with at least one year validity before its expiry date
  • No criminal record in both in your country and in Spain / No position in an unusual situation within Spanish territory
  • Do not be already living in a non legal (irregular) situation in spain
  • Sufficient funds in your bank account in order to live in Spain (does not need to be spanish bank account)


The residence permit lasts 1 year and thereafter the first and second renewals last 2 years. The third renewal of this visa (5 years) will grant permanent or long-term residence. Every year you live in the country with this permit counts towards the total necessary for nationality (Spanish citizenship)

Please see the Official information about this visa in the next Spanish government site.



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