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Student Visa to Spain for USA

Student Visa to Spain for USA


It is important to consider that in the US each consulate is different and has its own rules and requirements. Please carefully check the website for the consulate in your jurisdiction before booking an appointment. Depending on the state you are in, you may be required to visit your consulate in person at your home address jurisdiction OR your school’s jurisdiction.  Most consulates will not allow you to make an appointment more than 90 days from the start of your program. 


The process is lengthy, please allow yourself enough time to gather all of the necessary documents listed below before making an appointment with your consulate.  


  1. Valid passport or travel document, along with 2 copies of Passport photos recognized by Spain with a minimum validity equal to intended stay in Spain. Please provide the original passport and a photocopy. 


  1. Driver’s license and/or Student Card to prove their legal residence in our jurisdiction    Please provide the original and a photocopy.


  1. Certificate of admission in Spanish: The letter must be issued in Spain by an authorized academic institution verifying enrollment as a full-time student leading to a degree or a certificate. The letter must contain the name of the program, start and end dates, and the contact information of the school or University. 


  1. Overseas medical health insurance coverage AND translated in Spanish ( some schools may provide this with enrollment, but if not you must purchase this from a health insurance provider, click here to see a list). Travel insurance will not be accepted. 


  1. Proof of accommodation – hotel reservation or confirmation letter from the academic instruction indicating the conditions of your accommodation. Private housing must be accompanied by invitation.


  1. Proof of financial reliability : You must provide the last three months of your bank statements or  the person who is covering the expenses (only parents, spouses and children will be accepted). If your family is supporting you financially, they must have the statement sworn before a Notary giving consent to cover your expenses during your stay in Spain. Please refer to your consulate for the minimum amount of funds needed. 


  1. Medical certificate (with Spanish translation) is required if the duration of stay is over 6 months. Please have your medical doctor prepare a letterhead, sign and stamp to present to the Consulate of Spain. If your medical doctor prepares the letter in English only, you must have the letter translated in Spanish using a Sworn Translator from Spain. Click here for a list of Sworn Translators.

If your medical doctor is comfortable with issuing the letter in Spanish only or with both English and Spanish in the letter, signed and stamped, no Sworn Translators are required.

You can find a PDF copy of a medical certificate in both English and Spanish from http://www.exteriores.gob.es/ or by clicking here

Please note that you need to provide two copies to the Consulate of Spain where the photocopy will be used to process the visa and the original will be sealed and returned to you to present later in Spain when processing your TIE application. 

The medical certificate does not need to be apostilled. 


  1. Police Check: if the duration of the stay is over six months, a Police Check issued by the authorities of all the countries where an applicant has resided for the last 5 years

The Police Criminal record check must be accompanied by fingerprints and cannot be older than 3 months from the application date.  

For criminal record documents issued by a state authority, they must be apostilled by the Secretary of State of your state. If the document has been issued by a federal authority, you must get the Apostille from the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. You cannot get a criminal record document issued by a state authority apostilled by a federal authority.

  1. Flight reservation or travel itinerary.


  1. Visa application form completed and signed with two (2) recent full-face color photographs with white background taken in person by a commercial photographer or studio no more than six months before the application is submitted. Link to the visa application form can be found here
  2. Certified funds (money order or cashier’s check) for Visa fee. The payment must be made to “CONSULATE GENERAL OF SPAIN”. Student visa fee for US citizens is $160. Please note that credit cards, debit cards, and cash will not be accepted.

Disclaimer: Please also note that the information above should be used as a reference guide while applying for a Student Visa for Spain. Information may be subject to change with the Spanish Consulate of your jurisdiction, and it is up to the reader to be well informed and be updated by visiting the information on the Consulate of Spain website.

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