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Student visa to Spain 2024

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What is a student Visa?

A Spanish Student Visa allows you to have the maximum benefit and the best experience of studying in Spain, taking part in a student exchange program, or getting an unpaid internship longer than three months in Spain. Most non-Eu citizens will need a visa if their studies are longer than three months (90 days). To apply and be approved of a visa, one must have proof of college or University enrollment along with additional mandatory documents, which we will mention more later in this article. 

How many Student Visas are there?

There are two types of Spanish Student visas to consider and are determined by different lengths of time in study:

– Short-term Student Visa for 3 to 6 months

This visa allows students to take a course which lasts to a maximum of 180 days. It is popular for students that go to Spain to enroll in a language course, while living in the country.

– Long term Student Visa for more than 6 months

This type of visa involves more paperwork than the short term visa. In addition to applying for a visa application, students must apply for a student residence card (TIE) upon arriving in Spain before 90 days are over.


How is the application process? 

The process and the required documents will change depending in your country. Please select your country below to learn more…

– Spanish student visa application for USA 

– Spanish student visa application for Canada


Specific Information for other countries would be added here soon…

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