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Виза в Испанию

изображение: Молодежная мобильность

Молодежная мобильная виза в Испанию

The Youth mobility visa, commonly known as Working Holiday Visa, is for people who wish to go on holiday  to Spain with the possibility of working there in order to supplement their financial means. The conditions to benefit from this program in Spain are: - Be between 18 and 30 years old (up to 35 for Canada) - Have a return ticket or enough resources to buy one, and dispose of the necessary...


Молодежная мобильная виза в Испанию для канадцев

This article breaks down getting the Youth Mobility Visa from Canada to Spain based on my experience in June 2022 and November 2023 (I have gotten this visa twice) This visa is available for Canadians aged 18-35 who want to move to Spain for 1 year for one of the following reasons: Employment (and you have a post secondary degree) Study in Spain More training / professional development...

Изображение судимости

Судимость в Испании

Depending on your situation whether it is for study, marriage, civil partnership, or for work, you will need to provide a criminal record translated by a Sworn translator in Spanish for your paperwork. The process would change depending if you are already in Spain or if you are still in your country of origin and will also change depending o what is your country. Please select your country below to...

Канадский флаг

Получение канадской судимости для Испании

This article breaks down the process of getting a criminal record for use in Spain and my personal experience undergoing this process. Please note that there has been some big changes with how documents are authenticated since January 11, 2024. Getting the criminal record while in Canada If you are in Canada and you need to provide a criminal record to take with you to Spain you will need to do a...


Студенческая виза в Испанию для канадцев

In this article, I will share my experiences and the knowledge I gained in the process of applying the student visa in Canada and finalizing the student residency card after I arrived to Spain. I moved to Spain (Barcelona) to pursue a Masters degree in Design and have since then been living in Spain. Please note that  (up to 90 days ONLY) Canada is one of the listed countries that are eligible to...

студенческая виза в США

Студенческая виза в Испанию 2024

Что такое студенческая виза? Испанская студенческая виза позволяет вам получить максимальную выгоду и лучший опыт обучения в Испании, участия в программе обмена студентами или прохождения неоплачиваемой стажировки продолжительностью более трех месяцев в Испании. Большинству граждан стран, не входящих в ЕС, потребуется виза, если их обучение продлится более трех месяцев (90 дней). Чтобы подать заявление и получить одобрение на визу, необходимо иметь доказательство окончания колледжа или...

визитная карточка

Идентификатор иностранца (TIE)

What is the TIE? The Spanish Foreign Identity Card (TIE) is a personal procedure, since the registration of the fingerprint is requested. It is mandatory for all foreigners who have obtained a visa or authorization to reside in Spain for a period of more than six months or who have long-term residence. If you dont have this document, even if you have a visa, it could lead to sanctions. TIE...

Офис TIE в Барселоне

Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE) для канадцев

TIE appointment It is important to clarify that the TIE is necessary for all non-Eus living in Spain whereas Eus not from Spain must apply for a NIE instead. We will not discuss the NIE in this article. For Non- EUs who have applied for the student visa back in their home country, you will already have a NIE issued along with your temporary student visa that has been approved by the Spanish embassy or...


Член семьи визы гражданина ЕС

Если у вас есть партнер в Испании, лучшим вариантом будет жениться или заключить гражданское партнерство, и это полностью откроет вам двери для получения вида на жительство в Испании. Заключение брака или парехи – это лишь первый шаг, необходимый для получения 5-летней карты проживания. Так что не радуйтесь пока, следующим шагом будет получение tarjeta de communitaria. В последнее время Тарьету...


Гражданское партнерство в Испании для канадцев

In this article, I'll share insights about my experience in getting the pareja de hecho in Spain from Malaga between fall of 2022 to Summer 2023. Please keep in mind that this is only for reference purposes only to help the reader understand what the experience was like and to get some background information of getting this document. My advice for you is that it is good to start as early as possible and...

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