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Documenti richiesti per la tua residenza in Spagna

Important documentation that you might require in order to process your visa for Spain…

Casellario penale per la Spagna

Depending on your situation whether it is for study, marriage, civil partnership, or for work, you will need to provide a criminal record translated by a Sworn translator in Spanish for your paperwork. The process would change depending if you are already in Spain or if you are still in your country of origin and […]

Carta di identità straniera (TIE)

What is the TIE? The Spanish Foreign Identity Card (TIE) is a personal procedure, since the registration of the fingerprint is requested. It is mandatory for all foreigners who have obtained a visa or authorization to reside in Spain for a period of more than six months or who have long-term residence. If you dont […]

Registrazione del tuo indirizzo in Spagna (Padrón)

Finding an apartment or a room to rent Fiding a rent in Spain might not be as easy as you expect. If you want to rent an apartment on your own they will probally require for you to have a work contract but if you just need a room in a shared appartnent they would […]

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